School Self Evaluation Update: 14/6/2018

Enniscorthy Vocational College continues its engagement with the School Self Evaluation 2016-2020 (SSE) process by establishing a new working group. The team consists of the following teachers: Ms. N. Doyle, Ms.English, Mr. Connolly, Ms. Merriman, Ms. Ryan, Mr. Stack, Ms. A. Doyle and Ms. Kennedy, all of whom have volunteered to steer progress in school improvement. The six steps in the Self Evaluation process are being adhered to throughout the process.

It was decided that the new focus for the first year (2017/2018) would be on teacher’s collaborative practices. Questionnaires were administered to teachers to gather data on collaboration. The data was then analysed and will result in a School Self Evaluation Report which will support the school’s DEIS Plan. The ultimate aim is to increase teachers’ involvement in collaborative practice over the next three years, thus leading to school improvement in this area. The three key areas identified for improvement were as follows:

  • To improve / increase teacher practice of using our current VSWare software as a classroom management tool.
  • To increase the use technology as a positive behaviour intervention
  • To contribute to an increase of retention levels as outlined in the DEIS Plan

At the end of the academic year 2017/18 work on the School Self Evaluation Report for teacher collaboration has begun This will resume in September 2018 and we will move towards stage 5 of the process. Information on our SSE work to date can be obtained on request from the school office.