Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Guidance and Counselling

A comprehensive Career Guidance and Counselling service is available to all students at Enniscorthy Vocational College. Counselling helps students to grow in self-knowledge and self-esteem by providing them with the relevant information to make constructive life choices and future plans. The Guidance Counsellors help the students to recognise the range of alternatives available to them following the completion of the Leaving Certificate or a Post Leaving Certificate course.

The aims of the Guidance programme are as follows:


  • Overcome any information deficit on careers/education.
  • Foster a sense of personal responsibility for identifying future educational/vocational goals.
  • Assist students with subject choices at various stages in their secondary education.
  • Introduce and foster a process of evaluating realistically, attainable career/higher education goals.
  • Provide experiences that enhance career development and equip students to make a successful transition to the world of work or higher education.

Currently Guidance and Counselling in the school is provided by Ms. Avril Murphy.

Class Tutors

Each class in the school is assigned a Class Tutor while each year has a Year Head. The Class Tutor has particular concern for the well-being and academic progress of each student in the class. Teachers act as Class Tutors in an entirely voluntary capacity and in doing so provide a valuable service as part of the pastoral care programme of the school.
The Class Tutor can advise and consult with individual students about their academic progress, general behaviour, appearance and observation of school rules etc. An individual student can consult with the Class Tutor about any school related problem.


Class Tutors 2016/17

1  Hazel           Ms. S. Walsh

1  Alder            Ms. J. Doyle

1  Pine             Ms. T. Ryan

1  Oak             Ms. E. Bolger

1  Holly            Mr. L. O'Toole

2 Oak              Ms. T. Somers

2 Birch             Ms. T. Parker

2 Alder             Mr. D. Murphy

2 Yew              Mr. K. O'Hara

2 Ash              Ms. P. Asple

3 Holly             Ms. N. Doyle

3 Pine              Ms. T.O'Byrne

3 Birch             Ms. S. O'Donovan

3 Rowan           Mr. T. Sweeney

3 Hazel            Ms. A. Nolan                              


5A                   Mr. J. Murphy

5B                   Ms. K. Kennedy

5C                   Mr. J. Connolly

5D                   Ms. A. Walsh

5LA                 Mr. P. Martin


6A                   Mr. B. Stack

6B                   Ms. B. Kelly

6C                   Ms. H. O'Brien              

6LA(1)             Mr. C. Dempsey                                    

6LA(2)             Ms. A. Murphy


Year Heads 2016-17

The Year Head on behalf of the school community takes on the role of overseeing the welfare of a year group so that learning, at every level of the person, is supported.

The Year Head will:

  • Monitor lates and absenteeism.
  • Praise and acknowledge student progress.
  • Ensure the year group follow Code of Behaviour.
  • Use appropriate sanctions when required.
  • Facilitate parental contact.
  • Support students at risk; address the needs of vulnerable students.
  • Meet with Class Tutors on a regular basis.
  • Meet with Principal and Deputy Principal to discuss and review issues concerning the year group.
  • Oversee the academic progress of their students.
  • Conduct assemblies on a regular basis.

At the end of each academic year the Year Head moves on with their group right up to sixth year, this allows for continuity and facilitates the formation of strong positive relations between Year Head and students. The Year Heads for the academic year 2016-2017 are as follows:


1st Year Mr. D. Meehan
2nd Year Mr .L. Maher
3rd Year Ms. T. Merriman
5th Year Ms. M. Stafford
6th Year Mr. J. Flynn
LC Applied Ms. Henderson