Handbook for Parents 2018-2019

Handbook for Parents 2018-2019

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),
We are delighted to welcome you to the school community. For some of you this will be a new beginning, for others it will be a continuation of your involvement with the school. Whichever it is, we assure you that we value your support and commitment. Your consistently supportive attitude of the school and its ethos will be very important to your son/daughter. Indeed it is vitally important for all of us involved in this educational partnership.

Consequently, we ask you to keep in close contact with the school. This may involve contacting the Class Tutor, the Year Head or myself to enquire about performance, the contentment or the behaviour of your son/daughter. We encourage and indeed expect you to attend school functions like parent/teacher meetings because in doing so you are supporting your son/daughter.

It is important to remember that when your son/daughter enters secondary school that she/he still needs and benefits from our interest, our support and our encouragement. As parents/guardians and school, let us work together to foster positive self-esteem, motivation and fulfilment in the young people for whom we are responsible. Let us hope that when the time comes for these young adults to leave school and perhaps home, that they will have a positive start in life and they will be enabled to make a meaningful contribution to society in the future.

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This handbook is designed to help you support your son/daughter. It is divided into two sections.
• Set out to help you to understand how our school operates.
• Aims to provide you with the support mechanism required to effectively supervise your son/daughter’s work and so to help him/her to develop good study techniques and habits as well as a positive attitude to school.
As we set out to work with and for your child, let us make it meaningful and rewarding for all concerned.

Dr. Iain Wickham, Principal