Staff/Teacher Welcome Pack

Staff/Teacher Welcome Pack

         Staff Welcome Pack        


Welcome to the staff of Enniscorthy Vocational College, it is a pleasure to have you with us. We would like to help make your transition to a new staff and new school as easy as possible. Enniscorthy Vocational College is a multidenominational, co-educational school underpinned by the following core values:

Excellence in Education, Care, Equality, Community and Respect

We are a vibrant, friendly and hardworking staff and we hope you will enjoy your time with us. To learn more about us visit our school website and twitter account @enniscorthyvc. They give a good overview of what is happening in the school along with the curricular programmes at Second Level and Post Leaving Certificate.

The following is an outline of the basic things you will need to know about how we run our school. If you have any queries outside of what is contained in this document, please do not hesitate to ask.

Key Personnel you will need to know quickly:

Principal: Iain Wickham

Deputy Principals:       Conor Berry – Junior Cycle, office in new building


                                      Kay Kennedy  - Senior Cycle, office in old building


Second Level Secretary:(Main Office) – Patricia Fitzpatrick, Email:

(It will be necessary to contact Patricia regarding pay arrangements with WWETB as quickly as possible)

PLC Secretary (PLC Office) – Mary Lennon,

Caretaker – Aidan Browne,

School Office Contact Details – 0539234185,


Child Protection:

As a teacher new to EVC you need to be aware of the Child Protection Guidelines, you need to be Garda Vetted by Waterford and Wexford Education and Training Board, registered with the Teaching Council and should have completed the TUSLA Children First E-Learning Programme.

The DLP (Designated Liaison Person) in EVC is the Principal, Dr. Iain Wickham. The DDLP (Deputy Designated Liaison Person) is Deputy Principal, Mr Conor Berry. Any Child Protection concerns must be reported to either of these immediately.


Structure of School Day:

Our school day begins at 9am. Each class period runs for 40mins. There are 9 class periods on Mondays and Tuesdays ending at 3.55pm, 8 class periods on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays ending at 3.15pm.  Breaktime is from 11.00am to 11.15am. Lunchtime is from 1.15pm to 1.55pm.


Calling Attendance Register:

Our school system for recording attendance is VSWARE for which you will need login and password. This can be organised for you by either Deputy Principal and you will be able to login from your phone.

Attendance must be called or EACH class that you take during the school day.



Photocopier  - All staff have a number that they log in to use the machine or can use a card.

Computers and Printing – can be accessed in the staffroom

Laptop trolley – there is a laptop trolley that can be booked for class that contains 20 laptops

Computer rooms – these can also be booked for use by your class

Guest Wifi : WWETB-Internet      Password: tFQ*KigxHK


Supervising Classes:

Classes that teachers may be supervising will appear on the TV Screen in the staffroom with your initials beside the relevant class group/class period.


Ladder of Referral:

Each class group in the school has a Class Tutor that monitors class attendance, notes in journals etc. There is a Year Head for each year group who manages discipline and pastoral care for the group. Mr Conor Berry (Deputy Principal) manages the Junior Cycle group (1st to 3rd Years) and Ms Kay Kennedy (Deputy Principal) manages the Senior Cycle group (TY, 5th and 6th years including LCA). Only the most serious issues are addressed by the School Principal Mr Wickham.


Internal Suspension:

If a student is seriously interrupting the teaching and learning in a class, you can phone/text one of the Deputy Principals who will come and remove that student from your class and place them in another classroom for the duration of that class period. You must not send a student out of your room on their own or have them stand outside the classroom. 

Restorative Practice is used extensively in the school and its philosophy focuses on building positive relationships in the school and when conflict occurs that it is dealt in an appropriate manner thereby preventing its reoccurrence.


Corridor Pass:

If a student requests to leave the classroom (bathroom, locker etc) you must give them a Corridor Pass. These are credit card sized laminate passes that can usually be found on the teachers desk. If you cannot find one, please write a note in their homework journal and have them bring their journal with them. 



Please ensure all students are in correct school uniform when in class. This means they must remove their jackets/hoodies when in class.


Ordering lunch:

Lunch can be ordered from and delivered to the staffroom by the canteen. There is an order book in the staffroom which must be filled in by end of morning break. Place your order and sign your name after it. Payment can be made directly to the staff in the canteen at any stage during the school day.


Car Parking:

The only allocated car parking spaces are for the Principal, both Deputies and disabled parking spaces. These are signposted. Please feel free to park in any other space in the staff carpark.


Extra-curricular Activities:

There are a wide variety of extra-curricular activities available to students in the school. If you would like to get involved in any please speak to either Deputy Principal.


Basic School Rules:


Students will:

Show respect to all members of the school community.


Follow instructions from all members of school staff


Be on time for all school activities


Be expected to apply themselves to their classwork, to complete homework given to them


Wear the uniform specified by the College on all school days.


Be expected to remain on the school grounds unless they have a lunch pass.


Use the corridor system of walking on the left and adhering to the one way system on the stairs must be followed by all students.


Be expected to take care of the furniture and equipment which they may have occasion to use.

Students will not:


Smoke (including e-cigarettes) or misuse any substance.


Loiter in close proximity to the school i.e. at school entrances and exits, or in large groups while on school grounds.


Loiter in the toilets.


Eat and/or drink in class. The only exception is for a certified medical reason e.g. diabetes.


Use mobile phones or ICT devices (including headphones) on school premises.

NB: Any disruption of teaching and learning will be viewed as a very serious breach of school rules and dealt with accordingly.