Wellness Week

By evcadmin, Tuesday, 28th January 2020 | 0 comments

Wellness Week is taking place this week from 28th January to the 31st January. An important new initiative this year G.U.A.W.N. (Get Up and Walk Now) encourages students to take daily exercise a ten-minute walk as it assists greatly in promoting positive mental health. During first break each day there will be challenges in the following areas limbo, skipping, plank and Hola Hoop. At lunchtime students will be exposed to a diverse range of activities and experiences such as badminton, volleyball, table tennis, penalty shoot-out, blood pressure testing, lung capacity testing, chess in the library and the basics of playing the Bodhran. Third- and Sixth-Year students will receive a talk from Eoin Morrissey (Leinster GAA) focusing on resilience, highlighting that life is full of ups and downs and it is important to have the coping skills and temperament to deal with issues as they arise. Teacher Harley Barnes will give a presentation to Fifth Year Home Economics students highlighting the importance of good nutrition along with a balanced diet. On Friday afternoon there will be Bingo Loco for Junior Cycle students. Thanks to the Wellness team of Ms. Paula Doyle, Ms. Jennifer King, Mr. Keith O’Hara, Ms. Martina Henderson and Ms. Natalie Doyle for organising the schedule of events for the students, and to Ms. Aileen Walsh who  ensured that the wellbeing of staff was well catered for by daily healthy offerings of fruit and other goodies.