Students and staff enjoyed their excursion to the Czech capital of Prague.

By evcadmin, Monday, 19th February 2018 | 0 comments

Thursday last saw 36 students and 4 members of staff led by Ms Walsh, Ms Kelly, Ms. Julia Byrne and Mr. Dempsey return to Dublin airport after an event- filled and thoroughly enjoyable 3-day excursion to the Czech capital of Prague.

The school tour, the largest in a long number of years, departed Dublin airport on Monday last. Over the 3 days the group visited many business and culturally related sites. As part of the cultural element of the tour, the group visited the world famous Petrof bespoke Piano manufacturer where the students received a tour of the works and were taken on a tour by one of the Petrof family of a museum of manufactured pianos dating back to the 17th Century. Ms Kelly played Boolavogue to the delight of the students and the surprise of the Petrof MD.  Over the next 2 days the group toured the historic city of Prague, attending a concert of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in the Church of St. Clements, visited Wenceslaus Square as well as been given a personalised tour of Prague Castle and the City Cathedral, one of the oldest and biggest in central Europe. The highlight of the tour was a river cruise on the Vltava on the Wednesday evening which lasted over an hour and a half. The museum of Communism was also visited on the Thursday with the students surprised by the artefacts of this period in history.