School Excellence Fund

By evcadmin, Monday, 10th September 2018 | 0 comments

Stephen Graham, an internationally recognised literacy expert is visiting Enniscorthy this week spending time in Enniscorthy Vocational College as well as the two local primary schools, St. Aidan’s PS and St. Senan PS.  

Today Stephen met with the School Excellence Fund team and members of the Literacy team whose focus in the school is to improve all aspects of oral and written literacy.  During the full day at training the Literacy team examined the literacy demands of text.  They examined the nine major text types that the curriculum demands students to utilize.  The group looked at how the text types can be explicitly taught so that students can apply the writing across the curriculum. 

On Thursday, Stephen will visit individual classrooms in the English, Science and Geography departments and put into practice the methodologies that have been shown to bring about positive improvements in literacy. Following this, he will give a presentation to all staff ensuring that the literacy interventions have the opportunity to spread across all subject departments. After only working with a small cohort of teachers today, Stephen has imparted valuable knowledge regarding how to improve literacy by taking simple deliberate steps with classroom teaching.