Digital Leaders

By evcadmin, Friday, 22nd March 2019 | 0 comments

Our school is rolling out the Digital Leaders Programme. Fifteen students from Transition Year and First Year have been selected to become Digital Leaders in Enniscorthy Vocational College. As part of the Digital Leaders' Team, they can expect to perform the following roles within the school:

- Share their skills and expertise with other students, classes and teachers and help resolve issues that may arise when using Office 365.

- Assist with delivery and collection of trolley of laptops to classrooms.

- Help promote Online Safety throughout the school.

- Test new ICT resources, which could be websites, software or hardware.

Ms. Fiona Dee has been providing the training to upskill the students and teachers Ms. Fabienne Chapuis Osborne and Mr. Dave Lawton have also being providing assistance to the students.

The following students are involved:

Transition Year: Aine Mc Donald,Alex O'Brien, Elliott Killeen, Ryan O'Neill.

1 Hazel: Dean Molloy, Airidas Balkus, Ruslanna Rannaja, Salvatore Orefice.

1 Rowan: Teigan Wildes, Damien Hartigan, Michael Redmond, Luca Morris.

1 Holly: Jamie Dugdale, Ria O'Leary, Lauris Zelcs.