Creative Writing Christmas Competition

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Congratulations to the winners and runners up in our Christmas Creative Writing Competition. 

Senior Winner Ethan Jordan(5th Year) with a lively piece of prose about an elf.

Junior Winner Cody Doran (2 Alder) wrote a poem called All I Want for Christmas

Runners up were Tara O'Brien (3 Pine), Katie Nolan (2 Alder) and Andrea Creane (2 Ash)


“All I want for Christmas” BY CODY DORAN 2 ALDER  


Christmas is coming  

Turkeys and pheasants  

Everyone is excited  

To receive and open presents  


A time of the year  

Full of love and joy  

Santa on his way   

To every girl and boy  


So, spend the time with your family  

And enjoy your holidays  

Its different due to covid-19  

But there’ll be mice pie laden trays  


Wake up early in the morning  

Wake your parents too  

As Mariah Carey once said  

All I want for Christmas is you  



Christmas Library Draw


The winner of the Christmas Library Draw was Aliesha Carberry (2 Ash)