Biology Trip to Carnesore Point

By evcadmin, Friday, 28th September 2018 | 0 comments

The Sixth Year Biology students from EVC completed the Field Work element of their Leaving Cert course with a visit to Carnesore Point on Wednesday 26th of September.

The natural  beauty of this special place - even more resplendent in the brilliant sunshine - would be enough to distract most mortals.......but not our Leaving Certs ! 

They took on the tasks of measuring a range of  abiotic factors, identifying numerous  flora and fauna , and carrying out quantitative surveys of the distribution of certain species in this ecosystem, with great gusto. Not even the discovery of a very dead dolphin (hard to miss in truth !) now providing food for many other species, deterred our enthusiastic Ecologists !

This  was a great days work , under the tutelage of Ms. Anne-Marie English and Ms. Trudy O'Byrne.........hopefully memories of it will come flooding back during the Leaving Cert Biology Exam in June !