Application Form

Application Form


1. Complete application form in BLOCK CAPITALS
2. Fill in the name and code of course for which you are applying
3. Your PPS No. is essential. (7 digits followed by a letter)
4. All sections must be completed. Please write 'n/a' if a section does not apply to you
5. A passport photograph with your name and PPS No. on the back must be sent to the Further Education Office, Enniscorthy Vocational College, Milehouse Rd., Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford.
6. Entry to all courses subject to successful interview.
7. Please note that the college reserves the right to cancel any course before registration day should.the minimum number of students required not materialise.


1. NON-EU NATIONALS please contact the college concerning fees payable.

2. ALL applicants MUST inform the college if

(a) you have a criminal record
(b) you were, are or are expected to be involved in any court case

3. If admitted to the college, you must accept all the colleges regulations, including procedures on criminality and Further Education students.